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First experience at the beginning of your studies

We know that the first years of university are a period when one wants to gain their first professional experience, but studying takes up a lot of time, with the rest occupied by personal life. This is why we created the DANONE AMBASSADOR program that will develop you and give you your first experience, while not taking up all of your time.

Represent Danone companies among the students and obtain experience during trainings and meetings with our managers at times you select by yourself.


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For whom

Students of the first years

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Warsaw, Gliwice, Bielsko-Biała, Opole

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8 months

Represent DANONE at your university

Become a DANONE Ambassador in 4 steps

Step 1

Submit your resume

Step 2

Wait until we call you

Step 3

Come for an interview or take part in a video conference and tell us about yourself!

Step 4

Upon successful completion of all stages, you will join Danone