At Danone, you can grow professionally in international IT teams.


Areas of development within IT departments

NCE Dan'IS CBS is an organization which provides IT services to the Danone companies from Central Europe and the Nordics. Together with the other teams of the company, it conducts projects improving processes and supporting strategic business decisions. Joining DAN’IS provides professional development opportunities in the area of IT business analytics, security and management. Each employee of this department is responsible for their area within the scope of system support and maintenance, as well as new project realization and implementation of innovative solutions.

ITCC EMEA is an IT Competency Center providing IT services for Danone in Europe, Russia and the part of Africa which belongs to the Middle East Region. It is one of four IT competency centers, which together support a total of 50,000 users worldwide. The scope of the services provided is focused around server environments and IT systems administration, information systems and workstation operation, IT infrastructure management. The users served by ITCC EMEA use a total of over 25,000 workstations and 1000 servers.

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Areas for you to develop at Danone