Quality and R&I

The quality and safety of products is our priority. Thanks to that, we are able to support everyone's proper nutrition.


Areas of development in the Quality and R&I department

By joining us, you can grow professionally in the following areas: Factory Quality, Quality in Design, Supplier Quality, Systems, Product development and Packagings.


In Quality teams we work on product quality: that of ingredients and formulas, as well as that of transport and the already launched product. We support executed projects by providing, very important input for Danone consumer opinions, and we ensure safety and high quality of our products. This team requires from its members accuracy, process and analytical thinking and openness to various innovative solutions. We collaborate on local and international level.

R&I (Research and Innovation) teams share passion for innovation. New process, new formulas and ingredients, new packagings. We use our scientific and technological knowledge as well as creativity and ability to think outside the box to create products and solutions which best reflect Danone’s mission and are well-suited to our consumers’ needs.

Possibilities are a good thing to have

Areas for you to develop at Danone