Our goal is to spread awareness of our brands and products and to reach our consumers using the most adequate sales channels.


You will have a real impact on your financial results

Thanks to us, products manufactured by employees in other departments can get on store shelves and eventually to consumers. As Danone Sales employees, we are empowered to act on our own, and we have a real impact on business performance every day. We build partnership-based relationships with our customers focused on common goals and we share our knowledge and experience in complex and diverse organization that is Danone. Being a market leader in all product categories we carry out business in is a big challenge, but it also brings a great deal of satisfaction from work.

Areas of development within the sales department

In Danone you can develop professionally by working in sales in a certain area as a Sales/ Medical/ Pharmaceutical Representative or in one of the following team areas:

In the Customer Development area we deal with building partnership-based and strategic relations with business customers, i.e. customers from the discount channel, hyper- and supermarket networks and so-called impulse channel, i.e. sales in kiosks, at gas stations or railway stations. In this area, we are responsible for complex customer cooperation management: from building long-term business plans to current sales development, while achieving key financial benchmarks. Every day, we support our customers in the category development and supply chain effectiveness area, both from the economic and environmental perspective.

As a part of Buyer Activation, Trade & Shopper Marketing and Category Management area we support Sales Operations by choosing appropriate tools such as consumer activation instruments (e.g. discount offers, consumer competitions etc.) and we take care of product display standards. We use marketing strategy for specific actions in POS, taking into account available analyses and market data. Additionally, we raise awareness about our product categories among our customers, colleagues and external partners.


By working “in the field” in Danone, e.g. in Sales Operations, we ensure the availability of our products, take care of their visibility and we provide an attractive offer to our customers in a relevant region in Poland.

In Revenue Management (PRGM) area, we take care of effectiveness of all discount offers and stable revenue increase. It’s a strategic area where we define the pricing policy and commercial terms. In Sales Analyses we deal with processing available sales data in the context of sales objectives and results of our teams.

Possibilities are a good thing to have

Areas for you to develop at Danone