Sourcing & Suppliers Development

Sourcing & Suppliers Development is a team made of a dozen or so experts in this field, who share their negotiations experience and constantly grow our suppliers, both Polish and foreign, at the same time taking care of compliance with business relationship laws.


Implement and coordinate projects for the entire Danone companies in Poland

The Sourcing & Suppliers Development Department provides services to all Danone companies in Poland, while cooperating closely with the Central Office for this area, which is located in Amsterdam.

Areas of development within the Sourcing & Suppliers Development department

  • Direct Purchases (e.g. all raw materials, packagings, materials for production);
  • Indirect Purchases (e.g. logistics, marketing, trade marketing, HR- and sales-oriented services, etc.);
  • Procurement related to office operations (including servicing and services, e.g. equipment and IT systems, etc.);
  • Procurement related to investments (e.g. production lines development, innovative projects, etc.).

You will conduct procurement processes for all Danone companies in Poland, which will allow you to get a very good knowledge of the business – from production processes to sales processes. You will also have the opportunity to implement and coordinate projects for the entire Danone companies in Poland.

In the Sourcing & Suppliers Development Department, we appreciate analytical skills, perfect communication which allows for managing an extensive network of internal and external stakeholders, as well as the ability to “organize” the space around you using processes, business-oriented thinking, searching for benefits for the organization and openness towards relation development.

Possibilities are a good thing to have

Areas for you to develop at Danone