Supply chain

Our Operations Department, working on such aspects as production planning and logistics, is one of the biggest departments in Danone.


dynamics and operation complexity

Work in this department is characterized by dynamics and operation complexity, because we manage the entire supply chain, from raw material to the final product received by the customer. We know the importance of relations, because we have to understand the dependence between relevant areas and departments in the company. We work locally, but we cooperate with global teams from the area of operations.

In this department we work in a diversified environment with internal and external business customers. It requires logical thinking, the ability to work under time pressure and effective task prioritization. By working here, you get to know the entire organization and product life cycle, from a single ingredient to the final product received by the customer.

Areas of development within the Supply Chain department

In Planning we deal with sales forecast and coordinating all operational areas, from material and raw material procurement and production planning to product delivery to customers.

Working in Logistics and Customer Support involves managing processes in distribution warehouses as well as transportation and supplies; we also cooperate with customers in those two areas. Here we connect all activities related to client satisfaction and process optimization from order to execution.


Members of Activity Teams and Operational Performance Projects deal with broadly understood project management and operational effectiveness, so that new products can be launched. We coordinate projects from the first product development stages, through test and investment supervision, document preparation, marketing concept development and material procurement, to logistics.

Possibilities are a good thing to have

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