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During your studies, you obtained precious knowledge – now you have an opportunity to employ it while working on autonomous projects.

The DAN One Internship Program guarantees that you will obtain experience by solving practical tasks and implementing practical projects under the supervision of an experienced mentor – your superior. You will be able to work autonomously, and will receive constructive feedback that will certainly aid your development. The DAN One Internship Program will introduce you to the world of professional business, co-created by young people.
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Students and graduates

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Warsaw, Bieruń, Opole, Krotoszyn, Beskid Żywiecki area

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12 months

Implement projects on your own

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Send us your CV

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We will contact the candidates of our choice via phone

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Come to the recruitment meeting and solve the recruitment task

Step 4

Have you completed all stages successfully? DONE! Welcome to the DAN ONE INTERNSHIP PROGRAMME!