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Participation in strategic business projects, dynamic and challenging work environment, intense learning, hands-on experience and the chance to take on a managerial position – sounds interesting?

The SURF DANONE program will captivate you with its diversity, allowing you to get to know the determinants of diversified business and Danone.
Hop deep into the water. SURF is for you!


Icon symbolizing the duration of the program for students and graduates

For whom

Graduates with their first professional experiences

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Warsaw, Opole, or Bieruń

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24 months

Take part in strategic business projects


Step 1

Submit your resume

Step 2

We will call selected candidates

Step 3

Next, we will invite you to participate in an analytical and logical thinking test

Step 4

Once the test is properly completed, it's time for a video call – our first meeting

Step 5

The next stage is visiting our ASSESSMENT CENTER and solving group tasks meant to test your potential

Step 6

The final stretch is meeting your future superior

Step 7

After successfully completing all of the stages, you will join Danone!