Nutri-Score is an FOP (Front of Pack) food labeling system based on a scientific method of assessing the nutritional value of products.

It is effective because it provides consumers with an overall assessment of the nutritional value of a product by means of a simple 5-letter code and corresponding colors.

Support for Nutri-Score system and its gradual implementation on Danone products reflects our commitment to promote proper nutrition and informed food choices.

Nutri-Score is needed by consumers

According to the report Planet. Health. The future as many as 12 million Poles suffer from diet-related diseases and improper nutrition causes 80 diseases.

The right choice of products in the store is one of the important aspects of proper nutrition. Nutri-Score, by showing the nutritional value of a given product in the diet, enables consumers to make correct nutritional choices in a simple way. #ProsteWybory.


Nutri-Score can appear on foods that have nutritional information on their packaging. However, it cannot be placed on food for special purposes - for infants, young children and ill people - and on products that do not have information on the nutrient content on their packaging.

Calculation of Nutri-Score step by step

1. Determining the scores for the content of the ingredients

Depending on the content of the ingredients Nutri-Score system assigns points:

  • From 0 to 10 points to ingredients that should be limited in the diet such as energy, sugars, saturated fat, and sodium derived from salt

  • From 0 to 5 points to beneficial ingredients that need to be promoted, such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, dietary fiber, and protein.

Most food products have the same ranges and calculation methods. Exceptions apply to: drinks, fats and oils, and cheeses.

2. Calculation of the score on the Rayner scale

Once you have determined the number of points to be assigned for energy, saturated fat, protein, fiber, and other nutritional value for the product, add the points for the ingredients to be reduced and subtract the sum of the points for the beneficial ingredients from them as follows:


 3. Classification of the result in Nutri-Score system

Depending on the number of points the product receives for the content of individual ingredients, the total score is from -15 to +40 points on the Rayner scale. Based on this result, the product is classified into one of five value classes: A to E..

The lower the Rayner's score, Nutri-Score indicates higher nutritional value of the product.

Support for Nutri-Score system

Nutri-Score in the world is recommended by consumer NGOs and the World Health Organization (WHO Europe).

In Poland, it also received positive opinions from institutions considering it in terms of nutrition and value for consumers - opinions on it can be found at

At Danone, we support the correct food choices of Poles and we want to make it easier for consumers to make them. In line with our mission, we believe that nutrition should be considered in the broadest sense of the word. That is why we support all initiatives aimed at better informing consumers about the nutritional properties of food products. Moreover, by constantly listening to the changing needs of consumers, we want to strengthen the transparency and credibility of our products.

 More about the activities in the area of shaping the right food choices of Poles and Danone's impact on the Polish economy, was told by Marek Sumiła, Danone's Poland and Baltic Countries Market Director during the Made in Poland conference.

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