Health of the people and health of the planet are interconnceted - one element cannot function without the other. Because our eating and drinking choices have an impact on our own health and also the health of our society and the health of our planet, taking care of both, planet and health, is Danone strategic role.


Our social responsibility is a way of doing for us that goes hand in hand with our strategy and transcends single projects.

We are aware that, in order to actually respond to the needs of society and educate people on ecology, it is necessary to join forces with partners and external stakeholders.

At DANONE, this way of looking at the social responsibilities of the business is reflected in the company’s long-term aims.

We have designated 3 areas and 9 goals that we wish to achieve by 2030.
These goals determine our course of action and constitute our contribution to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Through our activities, we seek to initiate positive change in our surroundings in order to influence the health of the people and the planet, thus creating a healthier world.