Our mission and values

Danone is a mission-driven company.
“Bring health through food to as many people as possible” is the sentence that guides us in everything we do. Taking care of proper nutrition is our heritage for over 100 years now.


We are eager to share our knowledge and experiences. To us, responsibility means caring for our employees, products, and social needs, as well as the awareness of our impact on the environment. We respect cultural differences and our social and trade partners.


We are curious about the world, look towards the future, listen to others, and reject prejudice. We are characterised by flexibility, energy, and unwavering readiness to act. To us, the most important qualities are simplicity and the ability to learn through experience.


We are empathetic and always ready to listen to what you have to say. We understand the needs of our employees, suppliers and trade partners. With this in mind, we establish authentic, durable relationships and are a friendly employer.


We are passionate about creating wholesome products and love facing challenges! We understand that, on the way to success, sometimes one must face failures as well. We turn them into valuable learning experiences. The recognition of our Consumers gives us the energy to look for new solutions and improve our products.


Consumers are becoming ever more aware of the importance of taking care of create and consume products in a balanced manner. Apart from our shared mission and values, Danone companies are united by a dual projects to build a balanced, profitable and sustainable growth model.

“Corporate responsibility does not end at the factory gate or the office door. The jobs a business creates are central to the lives of employees, and the energy and raw materials we consume change the shape of our planet. It is clear that economic growth should no longer be a goal in itself, but rather a tool used to serve the quality of life without ever being detrimental to it.”.

From a speech of Antoine Riboude,
the CEO of Danone, 1972.